The Lake Maggiore embodies the Italian nobility of the lakes: in the Belle Epoque years it was the favourite destination for the holiday of aristocrats from all over Europe, and the memory of this splendor is alive in the sumptuous Grand Hotel on the lake, in the villas, castles and fortresses.

Here you can spend wonderful holidays and weekends.

The "mountain of the two lakes", so it is called the Mottarone, for its particular location from which you can enjoy the best views, stretching from Lake Maggiore to Lake Orta.
At the time of the pioneers, the mountain was accessible from Stresa, only on foot, using the old paths of the mountain dwellers.
Then the railway arrived in 1911, the first built in Italy with rack and electric traction. In 1964 the railway was closed, however, Mottarone has never been as easily accessible as it is today: it is possible to reach the summit by car and using the cable car departing from the shore of Stresa, from which, along the way, you can enjoy a beautiful and picturesque view.

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